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TOD Work Group

Purpose: To advance the practice of transit oriented development in the region, ultimately embedding the work within implementing organizations by the end of 2014. This group will help position the region to best compete for federal funds and attract private capital to TOD. It will also inform the direction of the new Metropolitan Council TOD Office and other partners.

Key work plan components:

1. Transit-way planning and implementation

  • Help to prepare communities along planned transit-ways to take full advantage of the future transit opportunity.
  • Share information about the FTA’s direction on TOD and what it will take to be successful in funding requests.
  • Inform a mechanism to carry this work forward in the future.

2. Joint development

  • Inform specific joint development projects that are planned or underway.
  • Inform models of collaboration on projects and help define what it means to be successful on projects.

3. Equitable TOD

  • Determine what we mean by “equitable TOD.”
  • Share models and toolkits for doing equitable TOD.
  • Apply equitable TOD strategies to ongoing and future projects and planning efforts in the region.

4. TOD funding

  • In concert with the PRO Implementation Team, inform the TOD funding strategies of the Metropolitan Council and other partners.
  • Use the “TOD Prioritization Tool” to focus and align TOD funding across the partners. 


  • Jonathan Sage-Martinson, PED, City of St. Paul (co-chair)
  • Brian Lamb, Metro Transit General Manager (co-chair)
  • Joan Vanhala, Alliance for Metropolitan Stability
  • Steve Peacock, Augsburg College, and Ellen Watters (Faith Cable Kumon, Alternate); Representatives, Central Corridor Anchor Partnership
  • Kathy Bodmer, City of Apple Valley
  • Julie Farnham, City of Bloomington
  • Kersten Elverum, City of Hopkins
  • David Frank, City of Minneapolis
  • Mayor Terry Schneider, City of Minnetonka
  • Tim Gladhill, City of Ramsey
  •  Gary Leavitt, City of St. Paul
  • Matt Kramer, St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce; Will Schroeer, East Metro Strong
  • Elizabeth Ryan, Family Housing Fund
  • Shawntera Hardy, Fresh Energy
  • John Doan and Patricia Fitzgerald, Hennepin County – Housing, Community Works and Transit
  • Margaret Kaplan, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • Lynne Bly, MnDOT
  • John O’Brien, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities
  • Mike LaFave, Neighborhood Development Center
  • Josh Olson, Ramsey County
  • Brian Miller, Seward Redesign
  • Colleen Carey, The Cornerstone Group
  • Rich Varda, Target (Bryan Suchy, Alternate); Representative, The Itasca Project
  • Dave Van Hattum, Transit for Livable Communities
  • Eddie Landenberger, Twin Cities Community Land Bank
  • Amy McCulloch, Twin Cities LISC
  • Caren Dewar, ULI Minnesota
  • Jan Lucke, Washington County Public Works

Staff Contact: Allison Bell, Metro Transit, 612-349-7672 ,

Meetings & Materials:

Meeting Date Time Location Agenda, Materials, & Notes
March 24 1:00 - 3:00 Metro Transit, Heywood Office Building, 560 6th Ave N, Minneapolis


Kick-off Meeting PDF

Meeting Notes

June 4 12:30 - 2:30 McKnight Foundation Board Room, 710 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN


Presentation - Integrated transit corridor planning in the Twin Cities

Meeting Notes

TOD Classification Tool - Reconnecting America (108 pgs)

TOD Classification Tool Summary (6 pgs)

Advancing TOD Through Transitway Corridor Planning- Metro Transit

July 8 1:00 - 3:00 McKnight Foundation Board Room


Presentation (Metro Transit Equitable TOD)

Meeting Notes

Twin Cities Equitable Development Scorecard: A tool for communities and planners

Central Corridor Anchor Partnership Articles 

August 18 1:00 - 3:00 Wilder Foundation, Auditorium A

Meeting Packet

Metro Transit Ladders of Opportunity Presentation

Meeting Notes

October 8 1:00 - 3:00 WIlder Foundation

Meeting Packet

Metro Transit Equitable TOD Work Plan Presentation

Metro Transit Equitable TOD Work Plan Draft Document

Met-Council Owned Land Inventory Presentation

Meeting Notes

November 3 1:00 - 3:00 Metro Transit, Heywood Office Building, 560 6th Ave N, Minneapolis

Meeting Packet

Meeting Notes

Metro Transit TOD Office Work Plan: 2015 (Nov. 2014 draft)