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Our Work

With funding from the HUD Sustainable Communities program and the Living Cities Integration Initiative, Corridors of Opportunity partners engaged in nearly two dozen planning and implementation activities to advance a vision where:

  • The region has more options for how people get around and where they can choose to live and work;
  • Development along transitways can pave the way for economic prosperity for people of all backgrounds; 
  • Historically under-represented populations have a meaningful role in decision-making related to transit and development, and;
  • It is easier and a high priority to develop along transitways.

The work spanned from direct investment in real estate projects and small business development to comprehensive corridor-wide planning and intensive community engagement. The work also included demonstration projects – designed to test theories on one corridor and potentially scale to others; tool development; and policy analysis.

Find out more in the Corridors of Opportunity HUD-funded project work plans - updated March 2013 (PDF - 200 pages).