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Vision and Goals

Partnership for Regional Opportunity

Our Vision

  • Growing a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable region.

Our Goals

  • Improving the economic prospects of low-income people and low-wealth communities
  • Promoting high quality development near existing assets (e.g. employment centers, transitways, and commercial and industrial corridors)
  • Advancing a 21st century transportation system.

Our Strategies

  • Use workgroups to establish goals, activities, and roles to implement vision and goals
  • Align resources and programs for implementation
  • Create integrated solutions with cross-sector participation
  • Provide regional accountability and transparency

Our Charge


  • Advance implementation of the vision and goals.
  • Be willing to undertake systems redesign, finding opportunities to align the organization’s programs, policies, and resources to implement the vision and goals.
  • Use partnership meetings to advance accountability for goals and transparency.
  • Participate with a spirit of innovation and solution-driven action. Connect the dots across the region, crossing both jurisdictional boundaries and programmatic silos and bring other public, private, non-profit and voluntary leaders into the conversation.
  • Embed implementation activities from the workgroups.



 Download the past Corridors of Opportunity vision and goals document.