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Partnership for Regional Opportunity comes to a formal close at the end of 2014

January 7, 2015

December's Partnership for Regional Opportunity meeting marked the formal end of PRO and its predecessor initiative, Corridors of Opportunity.  Lee Sheehy of the McKnight Foundation and outgoing Met Council Chair Sue Haigh, the initiative's co-chairs for the duration of the four years of the collaborative, led their final meeting.  On behalf of the board, staff presented each of them with a photo collage highlighting the Green Line ribbon cutting and other photos as a token of appreciation for their four years of leadership.  

A lot was accomplished in 2014, particularly in PRO's work groups, which were voluntary efforts led by two PRO board members each.  All of the PRO work groups will continue in some capacity in 2015.

This website will remain available with all the important reports, studies, plans and outcomes that Corridors of Opportunity produced, as well as the meeting materials from the CoO Policy Board and PRO Board and the PRO work groups.