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Partnership for Regional Opportunity: Growing a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable region

The Partnership for Regional Opportunity (PRO) – a one-year successor to the Corridors of Opportunity initiative – aims to embed new practices and partnerships throughout the region, while enhancing the region’s competitiveness by

  • Improving the economic prospects of low-income people and low-wealth communities
  • Promoting high quality development near existing assets (e.g. employment centers, transit ways, and commercial and industrial corridors
  • Advancing a 21st century transportation system.

Read more about the transition to PRO and its work areas in 2014.  


Highlights of our work

All of the reports, studies, and plans produced as part of Corridors of Opportunity are available for viewing and downloading on our website here.

Corridors of Opportunity dedicated $750,000 from the HUD Sustainable Communities grant to engage historically underrepresented populations, which resulted in sub-grants to 19 grassroots organizations awarded through a community-driven process.  Learn more about our outreach and engagement work on our website here.